Romantic Surprises for a Girlfriend or Wife: Delightful Gestures and Gifts to Say I Love You to a Special Woman

With all the busyness in people’s lives, it’s easy to allow a relationship to get in a rut. Keep that from happening by adding surprises to the romance. It can be something simple and inexpensive or an event that requires elaborate planning and saving money. Whatever the case, if the relationship is important, continue to nurture it and keep the sparks flying.

Serenade Her

After she’s in bed, stand outside her bedroom window and sing her favorite love song. For those who have trouble hitting the right musical notes, playing the song on a portable stereo will strike all the right chords in her heart. This is an inexpensive gesture that only requires planning and the nerve to entertain the neighborhood.

Take Her on a Trip

Go to the library and check out a DVD of a place she’s always wanted to go. After dinner, make popcorn and snuggle up to watch it. Once it’s over, surprise her with airline tickets and the reservation confirmation to a hotel in that area. This may be costly, but the romance of it will be worth every dime spent.

Revisit the First Date

Whether that first date was a walk on the beach, a sporting event or a night out on the town, recreate it to remind her of that special chemistry that sparked the relationship. If possible, wear the same outfit and say the same opening line.

Romantic Night of Dancing

Surprise her with a romantic night of dancing. Greet her at the door with a corsage and be a gentleman from the first moment to the last. Have someone snap pictures so she can remember floating in the arms of the man she loves.

Scrapbook and Photo Album

Collect something from every date and event during the relationship. Put everything together in one scrapbook or photo album to present her on a special day. This can be the opening to a proposal or for a landmark anniversary. It’s an inexpensive way to let her know she’s always being thought about.

Love is Everywhere

Before a special date, put up a bunch of signs in places where she can’t miss them. These can be poster board signs on the sides of the movie theater building or restaurant, small sticky notes in her menu, signs stuck in the sand at the beach or if money is no object, billboards along the highway. These signs can say “I love you, (her name)” or something more specific to the relationship. This is another great way to lead up to a proposal.

Love Notes

Keep a stack of pre-written love notes in a pocket or glove compartment. Whenever there’s a traffic jam or long wait in line, pull one out and hand it to her. She’ll forget about the wait as her heart melts with love.

Spa Treatment

Take her on a surprise date for a couple’s spa treatment. This could include a massage, facials, sauna, Jacuzzi and healthy dinner. It will be a refreshing way to say, “I love you!”

Relationships need to be constantly nurtured, and there’s no better way than with unexpected gestures. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, anniversary, a birthday, a marriage proposal or “just because,” a loving surprise will keep that flame burning in her heart.


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